Your Michelin Track Day tire resource!
Your Michelin Track Day tire resource!
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DP Racing Brake Pads


  • Meets Superbike Racing’s extreme demands
  • Progressive feel
  • No brake dust
  • No noise
  • High-tech ceramic heat shield – no brake fade
  • Industry high “HH+” friction rated compound
  • Immediate initial response – quick one-lap break-in

High friction race compound sintered metal brake.  Developed to meet and exceed the extreme demands of top-level national and international circuit racing.

This pad maintains DP BRAKES industry leading status as innovators of sintered pads.  Our tagline….The FIRST…the BEST…the LEADER is something we believe in and try and maintain.

The pads are called RDP X-Race Titanium which are specifically a high friction front brake pad for track use.

Our existing RDP compound had been used successfully for many years but was becoming less competitive when used in top-level racing. We wanted to build on the many outstanding features of the old race pads but add more friction and control to enable lap times to be reduced. During development we used our in house dyno and experienced racers to test a range of compounds.  Two years and many hours of dyno and track testing proved we had managed to combine two new elements into our race mix to achieve our aim.

The X-race Titanium compound outperforms the old RDP pad and consistently achieves lower lap times by enabling riders
to brake later and trail brake in to the corner with a very high degree of control. The existing qualities of quick bed in, no noise, dust, wear to the rotor and durability are also maintained.