Your Michelin Track Day tire resource!
Your Michelin Track Day tire resource!
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SBS Brake Pads

SBS Brake Pads (Scandinavian Brake Systems) produce some of the very best motorcycle brake pads found today. SBS offers a wide range of pads to best suit your riding style.

The Dual Carbon Brake Pads are one of the very best pads for track days and racing. They work better the hotter they get, and they have a very progressive feel, meaining the more stopping power you want the more brake pull you use. These are the very best pad on the market for trail braking.

Dual Sinter pads are a true Superbike pad with incredible bite for the highest level of brake performance at the fastest tracks. They have an instant bite and can be touchy for short, slower tracks. For experienced racers only. 

Racing Sinter is a great pad for riders that use their bike on the street and track. Trackday riders love these pads but their performance is on par with most of the competitions top brake pad offering. They offer great braking power and feel that allow most any rider to brake with confidence.