Your Michelin Track Day tire resource!
Your Michelin Track Day tire resource!
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CRC Race Fairings
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CRC Race Fairings

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CRC Fairings are sold as a complete set (unless otherwise stated) and include front fairing upper / lower and seat fairing, with quick release seat pad. All fairings are also fitted with quick release dzus fasteners and have a unique carbon kevlar weave at the mounting points. Unlike most track and race bike fairings, these fit first time, every time.

As chosen by:
  • JMF Ducati
  • TAS Tyco Suzuki
  • Halsall Racing Kawasaki
  • Lloyds British GBmoto Kawasaki
  • Quattro Plant Kawasaki
  • Milwakukee Yamaha
  • Doodson Motorsport Honda
  • Two Wheel Racing Honda
  • Wilson Craig Racing
  • Gary Johnson Racing
  • Michael Dunlop / Hunts Racing
  • Wilcox Consulting Kawasaki
  • Colin Appleyard Yamaha

And many others...

Please contact us regarding kit pricing and availability