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Your Michelin Track Day tire resource!
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Michelin Power Cup Evo
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Michelin Power Cup Evo

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An easy and versatile tire, MICHELIN Power Cup Evo is a street legal version of MICHELIN Power Slick Evo. 95% track Use - Road homologated

The versatile dual-compound front and rear tires offer exceptional grip for all track conditions.

MICHELIN SCT Synthetic Component Technology

  • MICHELIN Racing Synthetic Elastomers (MRSE)
  • MICHELIN High Tech Synthetic Compound (HTSC)

MICHELIN Racing Synthetic Elastomers (MRSE) used in the rubber compounds in conjunction with High Tech Synthetic Compound (HTSC) resins promote ultra-fast warm up to optimum operational temperature.

MICHELIN NST Near Slick Technology

  • With less than 5% groove ratio (The ratio of grooves as a percentage of the tread surface area) it is close to a slick!
  • The amount of rubber in contact with the ground is important for grip, allowing lean angles of up to 60 degree .

MICHELIN 2CT Two Compound Technology

  • MICHELIN 2CT dual-compound technology successfully accomplishes two conflicting ideals: wear resistance in the center of the tread, and grip on the shoulders.
  • The rubber compound in the center is harder to withstand aggressive acceleration and braking.
  • The rubber compound in the shoulder is softer to maximize grip on the lean angle.

MICHELIN ACT - Adaptive Casing Technology

  • For a better stability on straight line and at strong lean angle
  • MICHELIN ACT : Adaptive Casing Technology ensures varying tyre rigidity at different angles of lean. The tire switches gradually from a flexible crown for straight-line precision to increasingly rigid shoulders depending on lean angle for optimised cornering stability.The softer casing limits the vivacity and kickback. To improves the feeling at the limit, a light movement appears to warn the rider he's getting to the limit of the tire.

Cold Pressures

    • Road - Manufacturer's Pressure
    • Track - 30psi
    • With Tire Warmers - 30psi

Rolling Temperatures

    • Low limit - 122 degree F
    • Optimum - 176 degree F
    • Upper limit - 230 degree F