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Your Michelin Track Day tire resource!
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Rabaconda Street Bike Tire Changer
Rabaconda Street Bike Tire Changer
Rabaconda Street Bike Tire Changer

Rabaconda Street Bike Tire Changer

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Regularly switching between street tires and slicks? Fed up with regular trips to the dealership?

Rabaconda Street Bike Tire Changer (Patent Pending) is the answer to your prayers: with this nifty tool, you’ll be able to throw on a fresh set of tires faster than it takes to get to the nearest tire shop. Fast, easy, and efficient tire changes – now.

The Rabaconda Street Bike Tire Changer is aimed specifically at cast wheels offering extra rim protection, but also works on wire-spoked wheels. It’s adaptable to wheel sizes between 12-21", has great ergonomics at low weight, and is perfect for both single and double-sided swingarms. With Rabaconda, you can swap out your own tires in no time whether you’re riding street or hitting the track.

Please check below for needed adapters or accessories to make it work with your bike. Please note that the mat is not included in the kit.

IMPORTANT! We recommend measuring your bikes hub sizes before buying an adapter or spindle.

  • Change your own motorcycle tires in just a few minutes
  • Do it wherever and whenever you want
  • Unique wheel angle offers handy operating position
  • Plastic mounting head reduces the risk of scratching the rim with tire levers
  • All parts that go in contact with the rim and tire are covered with plastic to reduce risk of damage
  • Easy to carry and can be set up within seconds
  • Very easily adapted to different wheel sizes
  • Innovative frame design with unmatched stability at very low weight
  • No busted knuckles, swearing, and working on the floor
  • Lightweight & easily portable design
  • Plastic mounting head for scratch-free tire changes
  • Long lever for breaking even the toughest beads
  • Wide legs stance for great stability
  • Compact carry bag for compact storage
  • Oval shaped operating handle with good grip
  • Tire iron with protective cover included
  • Premium quality product. Made in EU.